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About Time To Call You

Intelligent telephonic driven solutions for those needing a little extra help

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Time To Call You - Supporting the elderly

Sometimes you need a little extra support when living independently!

Assistive Technology In Home Care Packages

Key benefits of assistive technology to elders, their family and loved ones, and healthcare providers are to:
Assistive technology comprises a wide range of products and devices and there are a few tips to help:

The Time To Call You Difference

Time To Call You uses a blend of advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Voice/SMS automation to compliment the care the people around you already give - we offer:

Free Up Valuable Time

Free up valuable time (for you or your staff) to perform "care" and not "admin" tasks by using Time To Call You services for telephone and SMS in general follow-ups, surveys & questionnaires.

Having regular contact, feedback and access to support "on demand" is reassuring and often a necessity to your clients who may be elderly or have special support requirements.
Time To Call You offers regular scheduled digital voice and/or SMS contact with clients to monitor, remind and assess.
For many clients while they have access to technologies like mobile phones and web pages, research shows that they prefer face-to-face or telephone communication.


Time To Call You uses Machine Learning so that our communications are adaptive, customisable, relevant and dynamic in nature - unlike current static automated telephone messaging systems.

Time To Call You is fully automated o ering a support solution to relatives, case workers and GPs who may struggle to maintain the close and regular contact their clients need - like medication reminders, pain and mood assessments, needs analysis etc

Time To Call You is about assisting and complimenting human care, not replacing it, our solutions will proactively alert a nominated person when needed.

As Time To Call You is proactive, it frees up valuable time for the busy relative, overstretched case worker or in-demand GP - all parties have peace of mind knowing client needs are being continually assessed with proactive alerts.

Time To Call You o ers regular scheduled digital voice and/or SMS contact with clients to monitor remind and assess . The scheduled timings can be easily adjusted by the client via the phone/SMS conversation.

Regular contact with clients to gather daily, weekly or monthly metrics. Time To call You could regularly gather details on:

Time To Call You can provide scheduled and regular reminders to clients. Such reminders can be dynamic - for example, if the client has not taken meds when expected, then the remind routine will call back later to check again. Continued failure of the reminder results in a nominated person being alerted.
Example reminders could be:

Time To Call You uses Machine Learning and algorithms to provide long term assessment. For example if headaches were becoming more frequent and severe, an alert would (with consent) go to a nominated carer, GP or case worker.

Time To Call You auto-generates daily, weekly or monthly reports to the nominated carer, GP or case worker (with prior consent from the client).