Mental Wellbeing

Regular scheduled check-ins - We call to check how you are doing, and provide you a regular way to give feedback about how you are coping

Meds Reminder

Regular scheduled check-ins - Reminding you which meds to take and when.

Wellness Monitoring

Intelligent Home Sensors monitoring wellness indicatiors such as room temperature, room usage, heart rate, breath analysis etc

Proactive Alerting

Regular scheduled check-ins - Your loved ones, carer or doctor are notified if things are not going too well, and you need assistance

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About Time To Call You

Intelligent digital voice & sms driven solutions for those needing a little extra help

Living indepedently has its draw backs! Isolation and loneliness can be a problem which effects mental wellbeing. Also, access to services like food delivery, shopping, maintenance and care-help can be hard to organise.

Why We Are Different

Time To Call You uses a blend of advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Voice/SMS automation to compliment existing human care and monitoring which delivers:
  • Consistent delivery of services - nothing fogotten
  • Single view of client to all parties eg carer, support teams, GP, etc
  • Regular planned and scheduled delivery of assessments
  • Fast changes to schedules
  • Regular science-based measuring
  • Procative alerting when anomalies and defined conditions are identified
  • Eliminates human error
  • Provides non-emotionally influenced services
  • Provides safe, private and secure space for cleints
  • Reports only data agreed with cleint
  • Different data reports for different audiences


    Free Up Your Valuable Time

    Free up valuable time (you or your staff) to perform "care" and not "admin" tasks by using Time To Call You services for telephone and SMS for general follow-up, surveys & questionnaires.

    Regular Check-ins

    Regular Wellbeing Surveys to see you are doing

    Meds Reminder

    Reminders to take your meds, which ones and how many

    Needs Analysis

    Finding out if you have other needs like help with shopping, food delivery, home repairs etc.

    Time To call You can also suggest tips and advice on addressing some of your welfare needs such as physical and mental exercises you can carry out in your own home.

    General Wellbeing

    Sleepless nights, night time trips to the toilet, dizzy spells, etc
    These could be indicators to poor wellbeing. Tracking these and providing a summary for you carers or GP/Doctor can help give a better overview of how you are doing.

You want to look after a loved one.
Distance makes regular contact difficult.
You maybe busy at work or looking after family.
You want regular updates on how your loved one is, but cannot physically be there every day.

Use Time To call You to stay in touch and be informed on how they are.
Get alerts when things are not going so well or assistance is required.


Call Services

Call Service Types

As well as custom calls (contact us for more information) we also provide standard service offerings using web, sms & voice technologies which are detailed below.

Wellbeing Checks

Our weekly wellbeing checks are sent either by SMS & web form survey, or through an automated voice call (for those who do not like using, or cannot use, technology)

Mental State

Using voice (or web) surveys we capture the general mental wellbeing of the client using tests approved by doctors and hospitals worldwide
e.g. The Warwick–Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale.

By regularly monitoring a person's metal state of mind, it is possible to proactively intervene with appropriate actions before the conditions worsen.

Sleep Habits

Time To Call You monitors sleep habits - While sleep requirements differ from one person to another. A good night’s sleep helps improve concentration and memory formation, allows your body to repair any cell damage that occurred during the day, and refreshes your immune system, which in turn helps to prevent disease.


Physical activity and exercise, no matter how gentle, is essential to healthy living and mental wellness. Encourage activity and exercise on a regular basis according to ability.

Older Adults

Older adults who don’t sleep well are more likely to suffer from depression, attention and memory problems, excessive daytime sleepiness, and experience more nighttime falls. Insufficient sleep can also lead to serious health problems.

Meds Reminder

It is very easy to forget to take your meds, or accidentally miss a medication when you may have been prescribed so many. Also, with age comes forgetfulness. Having a reminder service call you and talk you through your meds is what you need.


Our Meds Reminder service automatically calls the clients and reminds to take their meds, which ones and how many (based on instruction provided by the client or designated carer).

Which Medications

The client (or carer) is responsible for detailing which meds and when are to be taken in the schedule. The schedule can be updated by an authorised person when needed.


You define your daily schedule and when the service is to call. The service will retry three times if un-answered before stopping - an alert is sent to the designated carer or doctor if no answer is made within the three calls.


Most clients prefer a voice prompt to guide then through the reminder, however, you can also choose an SMS message as the reminder. The SMS reminder is simple and easy especially when you may have a simple medication program to follow.

Needs Analysis

The Needs Analysis service guides the client through a regular questionnaire to determine if additional services or assistance is required.

Food - Shopping

Sometimes you just need help with food or shopping. Our services will connect you to local community services who provide Food Delivery or Shopping assistance services (this is only done with your agreement, your details are never given to any thord-party without your express consent).

Alternatively you may just need a reminder sent to your carers that you need some help with food, meals or shopping. Again, this can be requested during the Needs Analysis call.


If things have been neglected due to illness or fatigue, you may need to request some help with cleaning and washing. You can request to be connected to local community services (often at no cost) in your area for assistance, or simply have a message sent to your carer that you need some help at the moment.

Home Maintenance

Every now and again your home may need some maintenance. A light bulb changing, the gate fixing, the door hinges oiling, the garden tidying up etc. Simply make your request known during the Needs Analysis call and we will notify either your designated carer or connect you to local community services (often at no cost) who can provide this service for you.

Activities & Social

Living independently has its draw backs,m especially if you have special requirements or are elderly. We can connect you to local community services in your area who can assist with providing activities, trips, social events and more. Often these services are provided free by your local community or council. Simply request more information during your Needs Analysis call.

Custom Calls

While we have created some standard service offerings, you may have special or custom messages and questionnaires which need performing on a regular basis.


Set up your message scheduling to meet your needs. Set your messages to run daily, weekly etc and set the times to perform the call.

Custom Messages

Tell us what your message needs to be and what information you want to get back from the client. We will help you put together a custom call message.

Reply Data

The Custom Calls can retrieve information from the client. This information can be sued to create a document and/or email to be sent to you after each call.

Logs & Audits

Every step that is performed by Time To call You is logged and can be reported on. Nothing is forgotten or missed out. If a step is skipped, the logs will detail when and why that step was not performed.

White Label

Our White label service allows your business to use our Call Services, but we act on your behalf and all calls will appear to come from your business. All data belongs to you and your clients. You are responsible for the questionnaire sand surveys and how the calls are managed.

Call Data

All data in White label service belongs to you and your clients. It will never be passed to a third-patrty. Time To Call You will at no time use or mis-use your data.

Messages & Surveys

Time To Call You will work alongside you to develop the messages and questionnaires you need.


Time To Call You will work with you to ensure you get value for money and a quality service.

No Lengthy Contacts

There are no lengthy lock-in contracts, you minimum period is only 30 days.

We provide Voice Driven Solutions to assist Independent Living and address isolation, loneliness, general needs and monitor overall wellbeing

Use Time To call You to compliment existing care activities.
Share (with appropriate opt-in permission) the well-being information with existing care workers, social services, doctor, etc


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