COVID-19 Aged Care & Independent Living for the Elderly (Blog)

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COVID-19 and Aged Care

01 April 2020

COVID-19 Aged Care & Independent Living for the Elderly

The Australian Federal Government has just announced an additional $444.6 million in funding for the aged care sector to support staff retention in residential aged care and home care, as well as help with the viability of aged care facilities as the sector continues to provide care for the nation's elderly during the COVID-19 crisis.

PM Morrison says: "This additional funding is focussed on those who are most vulnerable to get them the additional support so they can get access to the essential things they need, particularly through things like meals on wheels and Home Care support and other things older Australians will need going through this time,"

Additionally, the Australian Government is recommending that older people should spend less time in the community just in case. PM Morrison recommends employing social distancing, however, older Australian's don't need to self-isolate.

This drive for seniors to do more self-isolation will just see a growth in mental health issues in nterms of lonliness and depression.

However, the argument that self-isolation for seniors and the elderly for their owhn health as well as that of the community around them does make sense.

How then can we maintain regular contact and assr=ess the physical and mental state of our elderly relatives and clients with such self-isolation being put in place.

The Time To call You Intelligent Telephonic Conversations (ITC) Solution could be one tool to assist with this issue.

Using proven wellness, health and needs analysis survetys and questionnaires, Time To Call You ITC provides regular check-ins and assessments by voice or SMS depending on the client's preferences.

Time To Call You uses a blend of advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Voice/SMS automation to compliment existing human care and monitoring which delivers:

  • Consistent delivery of services - nothing fogotten
  • Single view of client to all parties eg carer, support teams, GP, etc
  • Regular planned and scheduled delivery of assessments
  • Fast changes to schedules
  • Regular science-based measuring
  • Procative alerting when anomalies and defined conditions are identified
  • Eliminates human error
  • Provides non-emotionally influenced services
  • Provides safe, private and secure space for cleints
  • Reports only data agreed with cleint
  • Different data reports for different audiences


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