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Independent Living In South Australia Australia For The Elderly

Time To Call You provides people living in South Australia and Adelaide regions solutions which support seniors and those with special needs who want to live independently but require a little extra assistance. Our automated digital voice and SMS services provide carers and care agencies, in addition to their usual face-to-face services, the ability to monitor and measure clients with proactive alerting.

Free up some of your valuable time knowing the person you are caring for is being regularly contacted, reminded to take their medications and asked about other needs they may have.


SA aged care and support for seniors

SA and Adelaide's Aged and Community Services provides an effective service for rehabilitation, aged care and community care throughout SA. This includes healthcare and support for people with acute, post-acute and long-term illnesses.

They aim to improve the quality and accessibility of services to our clients and promote care that covers the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, support, rehabilitation and maintenance of conditions.

They work closely with other healthcare providers to improve communication between primary, acute, subacute and community healthcare services.

Links to further information on the SA Department of Health website: